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Ok who is CAVEY?

Well my real name is Mark Ward, I got my nickname from the cartoon Captain Caveman.

I am a former war of the roses re-enactor and this is where I had my first experience of working with leather. Although I dabbled I did not pursue it as a hobby until recently.

I am a young 49 in May 2017 and a member of the Revellers II MCC. It was my membership with the bike club that led me back to leather.

So spending a lot of time on my bike meant i needed some way of carrying those smaller items when i was out and about. I do not like bumbags (fanny packs) but my time spent doing medieval  re-enactment i do like belt pouches.

I also like making things myself so i started looking into leather a bit more closely. My wife asked me what i wanted for Christmas 2016 and i asked her for  a small leather craft toolkit and the rest as they say is history.

I made myself and my family some carved leather rings which i will be adding to my product list at some point. I also undertook my first foray into the world of leather carving. Ok so the results are not brilliant but i am pleased with them and I have been asked to make others for my friends. Which brings me to this site.

I am not greedy hence the prices on the site, i am only looking to make enough profit to allow me to buy more leather and expand my skills base and experience.

I will also be adding chain maille biker key chains soon too.

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